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Getting involved in sports is certainly one of the best resolutions one can make in one’s life. Not only because moving and exercising is a great way to get in shape and relieve stress. But above all, because regular physical activity allows you to optimize your health capital and protect yourself against many diseases. Of course, putting on your sneakers and going out into the wilderness alone for your weekly running sessions or riding your bike alone is not always motivating for everyone. And that’s understandable! Individual sports can quickly become boring. So, if you want to get moving, why not do it in a group? In fact, there are so many sports today that are practiced in teams.


The importance of training in sport


It is not uncommon to waste hours of training time at the gym or at home when you blindly embark on a sport without a real training program. Having a structured training program tailored to your individual goal is one of the best ways to achieve your goal.

Regardless of your objective (weight training or weight loss), your fitness level, your physiology, your age or the type of training (whole body, split 2x, 3x), in the gym or at home: the principles for doing your training program remain the same.

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Strength training develops skeletal muscles and gains more athletic strength. The exercises and programs allow you to sculpt all muscles in a targeted manner.



A sportsman must respect a balanced diet. The diet for those who practice regular physical activities such as basketball must be adapted to the athlete’s needs.