Let us take it this way! Urban sports are not only children playing cricket or basketball. They are much more than this! Generally, urban sports refer to extreme sports played commonly in urban areas. You are playing with lots of friends in the city, isn’t that amazing?


In these urban sports, you won’t find one winner or a loser; the enthusiast is continuously testing their limits to know until they can reach them easily. Here in this article, we will explain in detail the commonly played urban sports.

Commonly played urban sports.

Train surfing

People commonly do train surfing as they climb on the sides of the running train. It may look adventurous, but it is dangerous too. The enthusiast enjoys such surfing to the extreme. In many countries, there is a complete ban on train surfing.


Exploration in urban areas

You may not have heard of this before. But it is one of the most played urban sports nowadays. It features exploring human-made things starting from empty lots, building to towers. People enjoy these sports in a group of friends usually and get a tremendous experience too.


Drag racing

Another sport on our list termed drag racing is also common worldwide. There are strict restrictions on street racing in many countries, but some countries offer no restrictions. They are highly risky as you are more prone to accidents.



Buildering is something referring to urban climbing or rock climbing. You climb up the buildings and check your limits accordingly. Most people climb up to the building and enjoy the remarkable view it provides. It is an emerging urban sport nowadays.



Well, urban sports are incredibly adventurous, but they are at the same time dangerous too. You won’t achieve doing them unless you are an enthusiast who loves to test his limits. Here we have mentioned the most commonly played urban sports in detail.