World wrestling entertainment, better known as WWE, is an alltime favorite of people, especially boys worldwide. The main reason why it is incredibly popular is that this is an entertainment quotient.


Though you can say it fake wrestling that serves to entertain all audiences, some moves you will see are still dangerous to cause severe injuries and at many times death.

The news on WWE


Wrestlers get hurt too

Though you will find it all scripted, the wrestlers may get hurt. A wrestler would not intentionally hurt his/her opponent, but it is really rare for a wrestler to not get a severe injury at a point throughout his career. If a wrestler bleeds in a live match, WWE tries to use a different angle for shooting the match due to TVPG ratings.


TV decline in 2020

As compared to 2015, in 2020, “Raw,” a flagship show from WWE, had lost viewers around 2 million. McMahon blamed the storylines for the drop of ratings of the show without even acknowledging that he could sign off on stories.


Salary of a WWE wrestler

According to Forbes, in WWE, a roster wrestler earns 500,000 dollars in one year. While the best top wrestlers maybe end up making 1 million dollars. As a matter of fact, Lesnar has a mindblowing salary and is a top earner with 12 million dollars. Cena with a base salary, 8.5 million.


Banned and dangerous movements

Well, lots of dangerous or adventurous moves are present but many of them are banned. There is a high restriction on doing those moves as they are incredibly hurtful to people and can cause them never to heal wounds too. Some dangerous moves may be stun guns, powerbomb, rope dragging, and much more.



Even though WWE is scripted wrestling, but the wrestlers can face severe injuries or deaths too. The WWE wrestlers have been a source of entertainment for all of us for a long time. In this article, we gave you some valid information about WWE and the WWE wrestlers.